Aurora Air Purifier: Fresh Take on a Timeline Issue

Aurora Air Purifier Case Study


Some of the floor-mounted and countertop air purifiers available on the market can pose hazards and even contribute to lung irritation because of their purification methods for particulate and gaseous pollutant removal. As part of an International Design Competition, Thomas Richardson, a senior Industrial Design student at Purdue University, under the guidance of Professor T. J. Kim, developed a design for a new ceiling-mounted air purification system. This device would reduce harmful micro-organisms, allergens and bad odors in the home.
The goal was to design an air purifier that could be installed instead of a traditional ceiling fan, in order to overcome the safety issues and poor air circulation that are often found in existing air purification units.
Model Solution became involved with the students in the design competition, and built the prototype model of the air purifier. The complicated housing design required that the holes be machined using a 5-axis CNC machine. Also, the design necessitated that the filter be a removable part, thereby adding to the complexity.


Once the machining issues were identified, and the design issues finalized, a prototype of the air purification system was built. The process for developing the prototype model included internal design decisions, CNC machining (including usage of a 5-axis CNC machine), wet sanding, finishing and final assembly. The air purifier was built from ABS, Acrylic and aluminum.


The Aurora air purification system provides the home-owner with a safer alternative to the existing purifiers, and can be controlled by a wall switch or a mobile app. As the package says, “Take control of your environment with Aurora, and breathe with ease!”
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Aurora Air Purification System Model
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