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Model Solution Sponsors IDSA International Design Conference 2017

Design IS Business is the theme this year at the 2017 IDSA International Conference, which certainly represents Model Solution. Optimized to accelerate your time-to-market, we strive to be the One Source for Your Next Design via rapid design, tooling, prototyping, modeling and low volume manufacturing services.
Stop by the Model Solution booth in the Design Gallery to see the latest colors, materials and finishes that we have to offer.
There is plenty of news at Model Solution. Our new Silicon Valley Rapid Prototyping Center offers advanced 3D printing and precision CNC machining, as well as local project management and engineering support. Between the Silicon Valley Center and Seoul, Korea global headquarters, we now offer 24-hour global support for customers.
We are constantly investing in innovative materials and technologies, updating resources, and increasing capabilities to create new colors, materials and finishes. Developed in our Innovation Lab, these latest advancements can be found in the new CMF Selector Guide Vol 2.
The recently launched ProtoToolTM program improves the prototype tooling process while reducing cost and development time for customers., the new Model Solution website, features additional services, case studies, catalogs, presentations, CMF Selector Guides, and an impressive showcase of models, mock-ups, tooling, machining and 3D printing designs.
And finally, we congratulate the 2017 Model One Award winners. These awards are presented to students each year in recognition of excellence in design and innovation at top design schools across the country. Stop by our booth to see the very best from our up-and-coming designers.
Visit us at booth 24-26 in the Design Gallery and see how we do more for you.
SS Park
CEO, Model Solution, LTD.
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