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Model Solution Enables Development of Canine Prosthetics

December 14, 2017 – A winner of the 2017 Model One Awards, the Echo prosthetic leg is specifically designed to improves a dog’s mobility and balance, giving them a second chance at life while reducing pressure on his body and avoiding potential spinal issues. Model Solution (LRD: London) assisted Shubham Harish, a student at the College for Creative Studies, to develop the design for the canine prosthetic leg.
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Model Solution Supports Taser Prototype Design, Delivers High-quality Appearance Models

December 12, 2017 – A winner of the 2017 Model One Awards, the Duo-Shock taser is a non-lethal self/home defense alternative with an advanced built-in camera that is designed to incapacitate an assailant without taking a life. Model Solution (LRD: London) assisted the NC State University student engineer, Andrew Keel, by bringing his Duo-Shock taser design to life. Model Solution’s design team worked to verify the design for manufacturing and select more suitable materials and finishes.
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Model Solution 24-hour Support Capability Delivers Prototypes and Full Appearance Models In Time for CES 2018

November 27, 2017 – Model Solution (LRD: London) continues to simplify the modeling and prototyping process to accelerate product development. With the opening of the new North American headquarters and rapid prototyping center in Silicon Valley, and the existing global headquarters in Seoul, Korea, Model Solution now offers 24-hour global support for customers, including same-day technical support.
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Model Solution Announces Winners of Model One Awards

Model Solution congratulates the 2017 Model One Awards (MOAs) winners. These eight students from various institutions across the United States have challenged themselves and developed products that enhance quality of life, improve safety, disrupt current technologies and utilize new design concepts. The winners are:

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Model Solution Sponsors IDSA International Design Conference 2017

Design IS Business is the theme this year at the 2017 IDSA International Conference, which certainly represents Model Solution. Optimized to accelerate your time-to-market, we strive to be the One Source for Your Next Design via rapid design, tooling, prototyping, modeling and low volume manufacturing services.
Stop by the Model Solution booth in the Design Gallery to see the latest colors, materials and finishes that we have to offer.
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