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Case Studies

Customers rely on Model Solution for quality products delivered quickly. We know that in order to be the best, you have to do more. Our engineers, designers and production personnel deliver precision tooling, modeling, prototyping and production solutions that meet your look, feel, function and build requirements. Below are some exciting and challenging case studies demonstrating how Model Solution does more for customers.

Echo Dog Prosthetic Gives a New Leash on Life

As part of an International Design Competition, Shubham Harish, a student at the College for Creative Studies, developed a design for a prosthetic leg for dogs. Model Solution built a prototype model of the prosthetic and offered helpful advise in the process.

Duo-Shock Taser

The Duo-Shock taser is a non-lethal self/home defense alternative with an advanced built-in camera that is designed to incapacitate an assailant without taking a life. Model Solution assisted the NC State University student engineer, Andrew Keel, by bringing his Duo-Shock taser design to life.

HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier

Model Solution built a prototype model of the HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier that featured both rotating and removable parts in clear and solid color materials.

Women's Lacrosse Helmet

Ohio State University teamed with Model Solution to build a precision model of the women’s lacrosse helmet that was designed to protect athletes in four impact zones where players needed the most protection.

Aurora Air Purifier

Model Solution built a prototype model of the Aurora air purifier. The complicated design provides the home-owner with a safer alternative to the existing purifiers.

LucidCam: World's First True Virtual Reality Camera

Model Solution and Lucid VR worked together to design and develop the world’s first 3D and 180° stereoscopic consumer camera that empowers anyone to easily capture experiences with true depth and peripheral sight.

INCAIR In-Home Monitor for Independent Living Seniors

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign engaged Model Solution to build a precision prototype model of a new in-home monitoring device. The INCAIR is an in-home monitoring device that alleviates some of the concerns that seniors and their families experience when they live alone.  The process for developing the prototype model included internal design decisions, CNC machining, wet sanding, finishing and final assembly. The in-home monitoring device was built from ABS, acrylic, urethane rubber, aluminum and brass.

Salud Automatic Medicine Dispenser: Mock-up Features Removable Parts, Tactile Buttons, and Functional LEDs

Model Solution built a complex prototype of the Salud automatic medicine dispenser that featured removable parts, tactile buttons, and functional LEDs. The process for developing the prototype model included internal design decisions, CNC machining, wet sanding and finishing of the dispenser, and final assembly, including installation and wiring of the LEDs. The automatic medicine dispenser was built from ABS, acrylic and aluminum.

HELIOS Ontrack Racing Wheelchair: A Team Effort

The University of Houston approached the HELIOS Ontrack Racing Company to design a racing wheelchair to support a local need. Model Solution built the prototype model and helped the team overcome challenging design  requirements.

dot Groove Production Studio

Matteo Iavicoli, a senior Product Design student at the College for Creative Studies, aimed to create a new drum machine with a more simplistic interface. Model Solution built the prototype model of the new "dot Groove Production Studio" featuring realistic tactile buttons and a large rotating selector knob.

Endless Computer: Working Desktop Computer Prototype Delivered in Just 7 Days

Model Solution utilized its materials, finishing and design expertise to deliver a working desktop computer prototype Endless Mobile in just 7 days. The team used clear acrylic and delicate white acrylic material, CNC machining and a specialized painting process to bring the design to life. The professional appearance of this rapid prototype helped Endless to secure first round funding. Read the case study...

Thalmic Myo: One-of-a-Kind Tooling Solution Validates Volume Manufacturing

Model Solution created a one-of-a-kind manufacturing solution for a start-up company trying to validate the mass production potential of its wearable device design. More than 20 companies tried to verify the device’s final product design for mass production, with no success. Model Solution went beyond the development support stage, and drawing upon its advanced concept of quick-turn tooling, used a combination of semi-automatic and manual tooling to produce the production run.