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dot Groove Production Studio


Many of today’s hopeful young musicians do not need or want complex drum machine products that are currently on the market, such as Native Instruments’ “MASCHINE” and M-Audio’s “Trigger Finger.”

As part of an International Design Competition, Matteo Iavicoli, a senior Product Design student at the College for Creative Studies, aimed to create a new drum machine with a more simplistic interface. With support from Professor Vincenzo Iavicoli, the new drum machine needed to be easy to use and capable of producing incredible sounds.


The goal was to produce a drum machine with a straight-forward and intuitive design that was simple to program and operate for new musicians.


Fewer buttons with simplified aesthetics presented both a design and a manufacturing challenge. Model Solution became involved with the students in the competition, and built the prototype model for the new “Dot” drum machine. In addition to challenges related to the internal mechanics of the drum machine -- including the use of cutting-edge software and the most responsive hardware in the industry -- designing the packaging and user interface was critical.

The simpler interface required fewer tactile buttons and a large rotating selector knob that was also a pushbutton. The student and the engineers at MS worked together to design an internal structure that allowed these buttons to communicate with the necessary software and hardware.


The result was the “Dot” drum machine, manufactured by Model Solution with some design modifications. The final unit is made of ABS, Acrylic and urethane rubber to offer ruggedness and a long operating life. The manufacturing process included CNC machining, wet sanding and finishing, and assembly. The final product offers supreme control through a series of 16 ultra-sensitive pads and rotating selector knob that allows the user to create incredible drum synths, effects and beats.


Because of its cutting-edge software, simplified aesthetics and responsive hardware, the “Dot”, a Groove Production Studio, is an unprecedented beat-making system, which makes you feel that you have a full-scale production powerhouse at your fingertips.