HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier

HUMIAir Case Study


Depending on where you live, the need for a humidifier to add moisture to the air varies. Particularly when outdoor temperatures fall, moisture and humidity inside your home can quickly drop from pleasant to uncomfortable. Replacing moisture in the air via cool or warm mist humidifiers can relieve a host of physical discomforts, from chapped skin to allergy irritations to cold- and flu-related symptoms. However excessive moisture is not good either: Over-humidification can promote growth of mold, bacteria, and dust mites. Users need the right balance of moisture.
As part of an International Design Competition, Graham Schaafsma, a senior Industrial Design student at NC State University, developed a new design for a seasonal humidifier. Under the guidance of Professor Bong Il Jin, the new humidifier is easy to use, easy to clean, and quickly reaches appropriate humidity settings based on the environmental conditions.


There is a large selection of humidifiers available for sale, but many of them feature conventional designs, sit on the floor and run on electricity. A new humidifier has been designed for the seasonal user who desires a more versatile option.


Model Solution became involved with students in the design competition, and built a prototype model of the humidifier. Several issues were encountered during manufacturing, which the NC State student and the Model Solution engineers worked on together in order to meet the design requirements. First, the humidifier featured both rotating and removable parts, in order for it to function properly. This required that the internal structure of the humidifier be designed to accommodate these parts, and that the assembly process allowed the moving parts to be functional.
Second, the humidifier design included both clear and solid color components, and the polishing process for the clear part took much longer compared with the other parts. Finally, the paint kept peeling off one of the rotating plastic parts, so it was re-made by injection molding. However, it was difficult to match the color of the molded part to the target color, so it was necessary to spray-paint the molded part.


Once the design issues and machining concerns were identified and resolved, a second prototype of the humidifier was built. The process for developing the second prototype model included additional internal design decisions, CNC machining, injection molding, wet sanding, finishing and final assembly. The humidifier was built from ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate and stainless steel (SUS). 


The HUMIair is a 500ml hanging humidifier that holds enough water to operate for about 8 hours. The HUMIair humidifier is Bluetooth enabled, so it can easily be turned on and off as the user wishes.


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HUMI Air Hanging Humidifier Model
Features movable and magnetic mechanisms in ABS, acrylic, polycarbonate and SUS
HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier
HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier
HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier
HUMIAir Bluetooth Enabled Seasonal Humidifier