Working Desktop Computer Prototype Delivered in Just 7 Days

Endless Computer Case Study

Endless Computer, founded in 2012 has a vision of developing a computer for the entire world. Its singular mission is to provide affordable personal computers to people in the developing world. More than two billion people own personal computers. However, nearly five billion more cannot afford one. As the cost of faster microprocessors plummets, a billion people will soon be able to afford a high-quality, powerful computer. With the recent introduction of its flagship product, a fully functional desktop computer and operating system that runs Linux, Endless can better serve the needs of the world.


After three years of extensive research in the field to understand the computer needs of people in developing nations, Endless had the feedback and data required to design and develop the desktop computer solution. Endless had an economical product concept that would bring computing technology to more people and decided to launch its model using Kickstarter as a platform to connect with the people who were most likely to understand and support their idea. To ensure the success of the Kickstarter program, Endless needed a professional looking working model to showcase and demonstrate to users.


Endless was referred to Model Solution to build a functional model of its desktop computer. Endless provided a refined 3D CAD model and working printed circuit board assembly that the Model Solution team used to develop a prototype in only seven days. Taking into account the requirements for color, materials and finish, Model Solution used its raw materials, CNC machining and painting process expertise to bring the design to life. To meet the design specifications, Model Solution proposed the top shell be machined out of white acrylic and hand polished. The bottom shell was made of a translucent plastic machined in clear acrylic with the back painted in dark orange, hand polished and spray painted with a frosted finish to resemble the final production quality with a seamless parting line. Model Solution engineers provided technical feedback on how to design the inner structure of the computer in order to support the PCBA in the working model.


Because of Model Solution’s expertise in precision machining and material finishes, it took only seven days from receiving the order from Endless to delivering the final working prototype. As a result, Endless was able to launch its project on Kickstarter in April 2015 with the goal of raising $100,000. In less than one month, Endless received more than $176,538 in funding. With the help of Model Solution, Endless brought its computer to market and began to spread awareness of the new technology across Latin America and the world.


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