Model Solution is the highest quality comprehensive provider of precision prototyping, tooling and manufacturing services.

Model Solution Services

Precision prototyping, tooling and manufacturing through unparalleled expertise and advanced techniques – customers rely on Model Solution for quality products delivered quickly. We know that in order to be the best, you have to do more. We deliver precision tooling and prototyping solutions that meet your look, feel, function and build requirements. Utilizing quick-turn tools and sophisticated modeling technology, we offer many advantages including reduced costs and shorter manufacturing lead-times for metal, injection molded and soft-good parts. From the first prototype model to the final assembled working model, and everything in-between, Model Solution does more by delivering the best solution…faster. Precision prototyping, tooling & manufacturing up to 100,000 pieces is one-way Model Solution does more.

Comprehensive services to Fast-Track Your Design – we fast-track your product development by integrating design, tooling and engineering services, verification teams, low-volume manufacturing and assembly - all from one trusted source.

Accelerate your product development with Model Solution’s services and Fast-Track Program (FTP)

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