CNC Machining

 Increased accuracy for high complexity and tight

CNC Machining

Model Solution’s CNC machining capabilities enable us to produce the finest, most accurate visual design models, fully functioning engineering prototypes, or master patterns. Our modern equipment includes a five-axis CNC machine that speeds up manufacturing and increases the accuracy of highly complex geometries while meeting tight tolerance demands.


We work with materials including ABS, MC Nylon, polycarbonate/glass-filled PC, Ultem, PEEK, polypropylene, HDPE, acetyl, aluminum, stainless steel magnesium, titanium, and more.


Available finishes include chrome plating, anodizing, powder coating, E-coating, PVD, NCVM, blackening, brushing, bead-blasting, and spun texturing.

Bed Sizes

Bed sizes up to 800 x 1000 mm are readily available.

For precision machined parts fast, try Model Solution’s Fast-Track Program (FTP)