Coating technology for communications products

Non-conductive Vacuum Metalizing (NCVM)

Non-conductive vacuum metalizing (NCVM) uses special materials that do not conduct electricity. NCVM is designed for products that transmit and receive electromagnetic signals, including mobile phones, GPS systems and Bluetooth communication devices. The NCVM material has no affect on the RF (radio frequency) or ESD (electrostatic discharge) performance. This not only allows wireless products to achieve better signal to noise ratios which improves quality of service, but it also has no adverse effects on the human body.
Delivering a functional finish, the NCVM process brings out the best in the metal, offering excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion, as well as ideal thickness uniformity and high density.
When applied to metals and acrylics, the product surface is UV coated prior to the NCVM coating to increase adhesion strength. When applied to glass or a window bezel area, we laminate by hand or special process instead of using a common printing method. This allows the part to look like it has been VM coated.
If you need a prototype with functional NCVM parts made fast, try our Fast-Track Program (FTP)