Prototype Tooling

ProtoToolTM – the Quality Approach to Prototype Tooling 

Faster. Better. ProtoTool.

Model Solution’s ProtoToolTM process changes everything. ProtoTool provides the highest quality tooling at a lower cost and in less time. The improved prototype tooling process enables a faster time-to-market because ProtoTool molds: 
  • are made from stronger steel (not aluminum)
  • only develop customized mold-cores while using standard mold-bases
  • can add material during the design verification process (can’t do that with aluminum)
  • provide better visual quality parts (versus aluminum molds)
  • provide quick turn-around prototype parts for design verification before beginning production
  • are capable of pre-production runs (unlike aluminum molds) 
Beyond injection molding, Model Solution utilizes the ProtoTool process to produce parts as diverse as flat metal stampings, wireforms, flat springs, belleville washers, and machined components – faster and better.
The ProtoTool process works equally well for startups, small companies and larger corporations. ProtoTool enables easier design changes over hard tooling when form, fit and function problems are identified for prototypes in the aerospace, automotive, and electronics industries, as well as the medical industry where long development times and numerous design changes are common.
ProtoTool will change what you know about prototype tooling. Contact Model Solution for more information.


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ProtoTool Core Mold Parts
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