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One Stop
Solution Provider
Model Solution is a world class one stop service provider for design, prototypes, quick-turn tooling, low-volume production and contract manufacturing with accelerated service and high- quality products.

Model Solution helps many of the leading global consumer and high-tech brands accelerate their product development and solve complex manufacturing challenges.
From high fidelity appearance models that look even better than real products to cutting edge aerospace and robotics mechatronics parts and advanced technology medical device components, Model Solution provides excellent total solutions with proven rapid processing and quality control measures.

Group Mission

Hankook & Company Future Innovated,
Innovation Realized

Company Vision

We Realize Ideation

About Model Solution

Our Past

As an industry leader, Model Solution manufactures and supports prototypes of new products that incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as IT devices, electronic products, and medical/healthcare devices through a variety of solutions including rapid prototypes, precision machining, quick-turn tooling and molding.

Since its inception in 1993, Model Solution has been recognized as an advanced technology solution company having served more than 500 global customers including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Google, Tesla, Abbott and Novartis.

Our Present

With the addition of Design and R&D functions, Model Solution once again has expanded its business scope. Design is a critical aspect in the success of new product development. Through creative conception, we analyze the design according to competing products, user preferences and usage scenarios to define the new product design style and realize a practical design based on innovation. To ensure the most competitive design output, Model Solution has made strategic alliances with top-notch design studios with unique capabilities and experiences.

Model Solution is currently developing its CMF (Color, Material and Finishing) library to provide enhanced support for our customers' high-fidelity appearance models.

Our Future

Model Solution is focused on expanding its Contract Manufacturing business, including ODM, EMS, and OEM through strategic alliance partners.

Combining services with our strategic alliance partners, Model Solution is ready to provide a real one-stop business solution from design through manufacturing.

Model Solution is engaged in the next generation technology product such as HMD (Head Mounted Display) from product development to mass-production under one roof.