We provide rapid production services of QDM molds
for multi-variety small-batch production and optimized mass production
tooling molds for High-precision, high-quality production.
Model Solution Quick Delivery Mold

(Quick Delivery Mold)

Model Solution provides prototype tool solution, which allows rapid product development with a ‘14-day target’ policy.
Not only supply precision machined parts, but also provide technical
consulting services for equipment and facilities, we are on the
process to set up manufacturing infrastructure consulting
services to produce more complete products.

14-day process time
target policy

Quick trun tooling
solution for multi-variety,
small-batch production
Model Solution Mass Production Mold

Mass Production Mold

Model Solution provides prototype tool solution,
which allows mass production tool solution with a ‘28-day target’ policy.
Prototype mold, but using steel material,
not aluminum, so you can secure stable quality with high durability.
From single cavity to multi-cavity molds and various mass production
molds Model Solution provides production servcie from small to large products.

28-day process time
target policy

High quality mass production
tooling soltution for small-variety,
mass production

Injection Molding



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