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Information Security

& Security
Confidential information – Safe & Secure Data Transfer

Model Solution ensures the strict security of all confidential information. Every data transfer on our servers is protected by Unified Threat Management technology and access to customer documents is available only to staff working directly on that particular customer’s project.

Entry to all offices and workshops within Model Solution’s facility is limited to authorized personnel with special electronic security devices. Your information is safe with Model Solution.

Physical Access

Access to premises is restricted to authorized personnel carrying an electronic entry card. Monitoring of physical access is conducted continuously. All mobile devices and cameras are secured before entry to Model Solution premises.

Network Security
with IT Compliance

Model Solution has a dedicated network and security team for IT security with separation of authority. All network traffic is monitored and filtered by Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems with firewalls, IPS and SSL-VPN. A Data Loss Prevention (DLP) system is applied to employees for mail monitoring, PC security, and data encryption. The only communication allowed is encrypted SNMP (v3) and encrypted logs from the firewall and switch back to our datacenter. Any forensic requests can be supported. There is real-time logging and monitoring at the firewall and switch levels.